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Dynamic Pixels

We’re an independent and young at heart team of highly skilled game developers and we create games for kids and kidults. The most popular games which we create are Tamagotchi style games, but we like to experiment and from time to time explore other genres. And so, sometimes from our keyboards, mouses and wacom quills we put out something more hardcore.

In 2004, all that we had was a small 4m2 office and a few graduates with fire in their heart. We made games for black and white phones with little screens and only 64kB ram. In 2015, we have beards, battle scars and we have released more than 50 games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, J2ME, and some other platforms. One of our most successful games, MewSim, has been downloaded by more than 8 million people.

Besides development of our own games we have been engaged in a number of licensed and joint partnership projects with such companies as ZeptoLab (My Om Nom), Disney (Chip and Dale), Samsung (re-branded games and Mewsim:iQuest for Tizen), Lenovo (Snake it!3D), Intel (MewSim).

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